Spiderman bounce house

spiderman bounce house

Spiderman bounce house for sale.Bounce, Jump, Hop, Skip, Roll, and Run Around to your heart's content! Spiderman bounce Houses are fun and cool and suitable for any occasion. Children will love it! Detail

Elephant bouncy castle

elephant bouncer

Why go to the zoo when the zoo can come to you?Our elephant bouncer design is bright-colored and crafted for maximum durability and attractiveness. What could be more fun for a child's party?  Detail

Dog moonwalk

dog bouncer

Dogs are friends of human being.Have a pet? Our dog bouncer eat nothing but give out fun for you.Just bounce,jumper on it.The cool appearance will attract many eye balls,believe me! Detail

Happy house

happy house

Get ready to have some FUN! Our happy house is just what you want!  Detail

Strawberry bouncer

strawberry bouncer

Strawberry bouncer has all the fun of any traditional bouce house,you will like it.Inflatable bouncers are pretty good. Detail

Rabbit bouncer

Rabbit bouncer

Lovely rabbit bouncer can be a baby sitter for parents. Detail

bounce house

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  • Inflatable bouncer, also known as moonwalk,bounce house,bouncy castle,stands among the most ridiculous sources of amusement in the 21st century.

    Though it looks like a piece of amusement park scenery and bounces like a mattress, the moonwalk is made from high-grade industrial materials.

    Artistic flourishes for moonwalks range from their size differences to the addition of a superhero theme. Some moonwalks even come in the shape of animals or pagodas.

    But if purchase prices vary, rental rates have an even broader range. Many reliable rental companies begin around $150 for four hours, but some cost significantly more or less. Because the equipment for moonwalk rental services is relatively inexpensive to purchase, individuals can start their own businesses without needing much initial capital. All would-be inflatable renters need is an effective marketing plan and a few employees to renting out the moonwalk out to local events.

    Portable, popular and well-priced, moonwalks have remained amusing since their accidental invention in 1957. Engineering and physics professor John Scurlock of Shreveport, La., was working on an inflatable bubble-shaped cover for outdoor tennis courts when he noticed several students bouncing around on his experiment piece. When Scurlock went to revise his design, he did so with an eye to making a bounce unit that would be entertaining, not just weather-resistant. The result was the first ever moonwalk.

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