Inflatable bouncer

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  • Guide To Buy

  • First of all,what do you want?

    Want to rental?Want to give children a surprise?Or for a party?You have a wide variety of choices when it comes to inflatable party games, as well as the choice of renting or finding inflatable games for purchase.The types of inflatable games and toys to rent would be the big items such as a moonwalk, trampolines, castles, or anything of this nature. There are also many inflatable pool toys, as well as interactive games on the market. As far as inflatable games for purchase, there are a huge assortment of items with sports themes, vintage themes, anything you could imagine! Inflatable games and toys are fun for everyone, children and adults alike.

  • The second,choose what your like.

    Different inflatables has different figure,find your most liked.Pay attention to its size and weight,before you buy it ,make sure you know its lifetime and DOs and not DOs.

  • Third,send an email or an inquiry to ask for more information.

    How long does it take to be produced?How long shipped or aired?What's the fee?Has any discount?...

  • Forth,order.

    After know every details,you can make your order.Just submit an order form or order by email or Fax.

  • Fifth,pay and wait

    Transmit (T/T) the payment from your bank to our bank.And then the factory will start the order. When order finished, you will be emailed the digital photo for your confirmation. After confirmation,inflatables will send to you.

  • Last,Get your inflatables

    The approximate transit time by air is 5 business days maximum and by sea 15-30 days.After long waiting time,enjoy your games!